Cab Heaters

Polaris 8-Vent Heater & Defrost System Item # 2882753


Easily control the climate inside your cab with the versatile 8-Vent Heater & Defrost System. For colder days, multiple directed ducts keep the windshield clear from icing and utilizes the heat from your engine for your comfort. For warmer days, ...

Polaris Heater & Defrost Kit Item # 2880023


The ultimate upgrade to a complete cab kit for your side-by-side, the Heater & Defrost Kit allows you to control the climate inside the cab with heat and fan controls. Stay warm on a cold winter’s day, allowing you to ride longer and get more don...

Polaris Heater/Defrost Kit Item # 2879967


Enjoy warm, comfortable riding in your RANGER® by installing this Heater/Defrost Kit in the cab. This unit will provide warm air directed up at the windshield to defrost it and maintain your excellent visibility, and it will direct warm air into the ...

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